Token sales (Presale)

We will conduct multiple token sales, as stated in our token allocation, in order to coincide with and carry out the project schedules.

We will organize token sales, and you can take part in them if you want to purchase our token and hold it until it is made available for trading as well as if you want to completely support the project's expansion and allow the future to be correctly molded.

The token listing price will range between $0.7 and $1.0

AUGUST 14TH 2023 - AUGUST 31ST 2023 ~ 1 AlterProtocol = $0.15

Following the private sales, we will hold public sales as follows; only a small number of individuals will be able to participate in the private sales, however a large number of people will be able to purchase our token during the public sales.

10th Of March 2024 – 24th Of March 2024 ~ 1 AlterProtocol = $0.25 with a $0.005 price increase every 24 hours

5th Of April 2024 – 12th Of April 2024 ~ 1 AlterProtocol = $0.4

15th Of April 2024 – 22nd Of April 2024 ~ 1 AlterProtocol = $0.45

********* – ********* ~ 1 AlterProtocol ~ $---

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